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Not all of us were born wedding planners, nor have the little-black-book of trusted suppliers on hand to pull together our dream wedding.  We were in your shoes, with little to no event planning experience but a vision for how we wanted our wedding to come together. So when looking to get planning, the first question was “where do we start”?


For us, there was no single online host of all the suppliers and venues we needed (whether we knew it or not) for our wedding.  It was countless hours, before during (oops) and after work; sourcing recommendations and quotes, comparing, negotiating, mulling over the price and so on. There were spread sheets on different computers, emails coming out of our ears and budgets that were being well and truly blown.


So we pondered… Why could we book a honeymoon, from the comfort of our leaving room with nothing but a laptop, but can’t book a wedding without having a laptop (with too many tabs open to manage), phone, Instagram, Facebook, recommendations on pieces of paper that are smudged or lost and quotes in emails that we can no longer remember which we liked and which we didn’t.


So, wedBooker was born.


Today, whether you’re looking for everything from your venue, florist and everything in between, or if you have everything locked in but fancy adding that extra special touch like fireworks to exit or an ice cream truck to spoil your guests, wedBooker is the place to be inspired, plan, source, compare and book your wedding team.


wedBooker is Australia’s first end-to-end platform for Couples to search professional, trusted and reviewed wedding Businesses, compare quotes, securely pay for bookings and manage their Suppliers & Venues all in the one place.


wedBooker is everything you need for seamless wedding planning. With Australia’s best professional suppliers and venues, effortless online booking, exclusive offers and reliable customer service – there is only one place to plan and book the biggest day of your life.


We are excited to be part of your wedding journey.


The wedBooker Team xo


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